Quality, Food Safety And The Environment

Quality Assurance

Great demands are generally placed on food producers, and at FRIGORIFICO VISOM S.A. we have taken the step fully and live up to the industry’s strictest quality and hygiene certifications: BRC. We are thus approved to supply beef to the most demanding markets such as the American and Japanese markets. This department has a large, qualified team divided into different areas: quality, veterinary, laboratory and the environment.



Quality and Food Safety Commitment

Complete and strict control of the industrial production process.
Unique and exclusive selection and classification protocol.

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Strict Control

Livestock, Slaughter process, Chambers, Deposits and Dispatch

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Unique registered TIPYCOM® selection and typification process that allows us to carry out an exclusive and consistent segmentation according to the needs of the clients, use of the product and gastronomic evaluation of the cut.

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Technology and HR applied to the selection

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Food Safety

Official establishments approved by Senasa under strict national and international protocols for quality and food safety.


Through a third-party certifying company, the attributes defined for the products are confirmed, according to an established protocol.

Quality and Food Safety Standards

In a firm commitment to quality and food safety, Frigorífico Visom has the BRCGS international management, quality and safety certification at its plant Nr. 4072.

In this way, Frigorífico Visom becomes one of the 20 Argentine beef slaughterhouses with said certification.

The BRCGS standard is a global certification that guarantees compliance with international standards of quality and safety of food products.

In Frigorífico Visom we give priority to the consistency in the selection of products, to provide high quality cuts and tailored to the customer.

Frigorífico Visom guarantees the highest quality standards thanks to an unique and exclusive Reliable Selection protocol.

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José León Suárez 3498 3400, B1613CFP Los Polvorines, Provincia de Buenos Aires, Argentina

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