About Our Plant

Our Plant

Our plant produces a wide variety of vacuum packed, cooled and frozen cuts as well as innards which satisfy the highest demands of our both national and international customers.

It is situated in a 16-hectare field in Abasto, La Plata, and with more than 500 people working on their daily chores, Frigolar has consolidated itself as leading company in the beef meat and by-products market, improving constantly in every step of the meat cycle.

Our commitment to animal welfare takes form through our compliance with current law in all phases of production, including farms, transport, and abattoirs.

Obtaining the Welfair® certification is based on the Five Freedoms of Animal Welfare, from which 12 specific criteria are established that are evaluated through the direct observation of our animals.


The Five Freedoms of Animal Welfare

Freedom From Hunger and Thirst

Freedom From Discomfort

Freedom From Pain, Injury and Disease

Freedom From Fear and Distress

Freedom to Express Normal Behaviours


Through a third-party certifying company, the attributes defined for the products are confirmed, according to an established protocol.

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José León Suárez 3498 3400, B1613CFP Los Polvorines, Provincia de Buenos Aires, Argentina

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